Illustrated world for boys and girls - wall map

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Editor / Manifacturer: Kruger & Schonhoff

Kruger & Schonhoff Verlag (Hagen a. T.W. - Germania)

(fonte Kruger & Schonhoff Verlag)

The picture shows our team. However, our families, especially our children, as well as several good friends are just as important for our project. Together we came up with a lot of ideas and formed a strong team. We relate to others and our product through our love with our work and the curiosity towards the world we live in. And the adventure in discovering it!

Naturally, all of us love to travel, read and get together regularly. This way, new concepts emerge that we try to realise. Among our team we laugh and brainstorm and think up and draft new notions.

We take on the design and implementation of our products ourselves, just as well as the translation work. Thus we have become a kind of extended family. Our aim is to develop products that are fun, informative and of outstanding quality.

All of this makes the Illustrated World Map what it is outstanding.

In order for us to guarantee this for the future, we are dependent on your help. We will be delighted to receive praise, criticism, questions and suggestions. All of us are interested in any kind of feedback and one of us will always find the time to reply swiftly.

Language: Italian

Dimensions: 135 x 95 cm


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For both young and old explorers and globetrotters, from the ages of 5 to 99! This international bestseller among the illustrated world maps will excite you.
Cities, rivers, mountains, sea and land animals, history, politics, wonders of the world and all the national flags are specified in the extensive caption.
The wall poster is as informative as it is entertaining and gets us closer to the world we are living in. Many questions are answered and both kids and adults will discover astonishing new information.