Cartageo, which has created this website, boasts being the first and only company in this sector in Italy. All sales are made solely on-line. Hence the company has to find and propose the most advantageous delivery options for the articles ordered, according to the requested requirements of speed and/or low cost.
This business has been set up recently, with modern criteria. It is based on the twenty-year experience of a few chosen firms who, using traditional channels, have always distributed the products of the world’s best publishers.
The articles offers satisfy many different requirements. They can be used both for tourism and for education and culture, for leisure and for work purposes, and also as furnishings.

The web site consists of five sections:
  • Folded maps, with a wide selection of the world’s cities, countries and geographical areas;
  • Physical and political wall-maps of the world, the continents and the principal nations;
  • Globes for solely geographical use with traditional physical and political cartography, and globes for geographical use and to be used as furnishings, with fancy trimmings and antique-type cartography;
  • Antique and electronic maps, satellite navigators. A deliberate contrast between ancient solutions, reproduced with the cartography, the materials and the techniques of the period, and modern cartography stored on electronic support systems which can be analysed and processed by means of software or destined for GPS satellite navigation systems;
  • Road atlases covering the most important countries in Europe and in the world, and the prestigious National Geographic and Time editions of geographical atlases.

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