Cartageo – Terms of Sale


The conditions stated hereafter define and regulate the sale of the articles offered by to its customers.

The most recent updating of the current conditions took place on 5th January 2008.

Cartageo reserves the right to alter these conditions at any time, without notice. If conditions are altered, the prices that were current when the order was placed will be applied.




All prices that appear on are in euros and include VAT.

The sales invoice will be issued at the customer’s specific request, provided the company is in possession of all the necessary data.

Cartageo reserves the right to alter the prices of the articles at any time. If prices are altered, the prices that were current when the order was placed will be applied.




Cartageo goods are ordered through the Internet site

The various products on offer and their prices are valid as long as they appear on the website.

The availability of the articles in the pages of may take three forms: an article which is available, an article whose availability needs to be checked, and an article which is not available. Each of these is represented symbolically by a green, yellow or red “dot”, representing respectively  availability, availability requiring checking, and unavailability.

In particular, “yellow” articles  (articles whose availability  needs checking) require availability to be checked off-line in Cartageo’s central warehouse or in that of its suppliers. However, such articles can be put in the basket individually or together with other “green” articles (available articles) and formally requested  by completing the ordering procedure. The sections of the ordering procedure regarding payment will be omitted. Within 3 working days, with an e-mail Cartageo will inform the customer of the  actual availability of the requested “yellow” articles and will update a summary of the order to be confirmed in the  “Orders which have not been dispatched” section for logged-on customers. Only at this point will the customer have the right to confirm the order or not, and then to proceed with the payment in the form he chooses (credit card or cash on delivery).

As well as the availability, for every article the delivery time may be specified (5-7 days, 10-15 days, 15-20 days): this is the time Cartageo requires to obtain and dispatch the article. When the delivery time is not specified, an order  will be dispatched in 2-3 working days.

A customer can monitor an order at any time by accessing the “Orders not dispatched” and the “Orders dispatched” sections for logged-on customers.

For protection from fraud and disturbances which would hinder the normal course of business, Cartageo reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order, reimbursing any payment made. 


Methods of Dispatch

Cartageo makes use of the following methods of dispatch:

-         priority  (first class) post for envelopes and small packages;

-         registered post for envelopes, small packages and cylindrical tubes;

-         express parcel service for parcels of various sizes;

-         ordinary parcel service for particularly voluminous parcels.

Taking into account the dimensions and the shape of the goods to be dispatched, the method of payment chosen by the customer and the destination of the consignment, on the relevant page of the ordering procedure Cartageo offers the customer all the possible alternatives as far as consignment is concerned in order to leave him the greatest leeway in choosing the most appropriate solution in terms of expense, speed and added value of the individual services.

The detailed characteristics of the various dispatch methods are as follows:

-         priority (first class) post is cheap, the consignee need not be present when the goods are delivered, payment can not be made by cash on delivery, the consignment can not be identified (there is not a code which identifies it) nor can it be traced;

-         registered post is essentially cheap and quick, payment can be made by cash on delivery, the consignment can be identified and the consignee must be present when the goods are delivered;

-         the express parcel service is reliable and punctual, payment may be made by cash on delivery, parcels may be identified and traced, and the consignee must be present when the goods are delivered;

-          although delivery takes longer, the ordinary parcel service resembles the express parcel service.


Forms of Payment

Cartageo accepts three forms of payment:

-         credit card;

-         Pay Pal account;

-         cash on delivery.

Credit card payments are made directly on the safe Pay Pal servers (E-bay group), Cartageo’s service supplier. To carry out the transaction, the customer will be rerouted automatically to the Pay Pal server. Cartageo will never have access to or be able to view the customer’s data, such as the credit card number or the name of the cardholder.

Payments made by Pay Pal accounts are available only to customers who hold a Pay Pal account. For further information on this score customers, should visit

Cash on delivery payments envisage cash payment on delivery of the goods. The sum of money owed will be collected by the carrier’s agent who physically delivers the articles which have been ordered. Cash on delivery payment is available only for goods delivered in Italy.


Delivery charges

Before the order is confirmed, the customer will be presented with a list of the articles ordered, the price of each article and the delivery charges. The delivery charges include packing, dispatch charges and the cost of the articles, should the customer opt to pay cash on delivery.

For orders to be delivered outside the European Union, the authorities of the country to which the goods are to be sent demand the payment of local taxes and/or customs charges for the importation of goods. These expenses, which vary from one country to another, are not included in Cartageo’s delivery charges, and must be paid by the customer. For further information, please consult the competent authorities of the country concerned.


Address and Delivery Times

Articles which have been ordered will be sent to the address indicated on the website’s relevant page which was completed at the time of ordering.

Articles which are available are dispatched promptly by Cartageo, normally within 2-3 working days.

For articles where a delivery time is specified (5-7 days, 10-15 days, 15-20 days), this should be understood as the overall time needed to procure the articles and then dispatch them.

For orders which include articles with different delivery times, the delivery time should be taken to be the longest of these.

Cartageo reserves the right to divide an order into two or more packages, the delivery charges being paid by the customer.

he aforementioned delivery times indicated on the website do not include the time the carrier requires to deliver the order to the customer’s address. This time depends on the destination and the type of delivery (ordinary post, registered post, express parcel service).

Orders paid for by credit card or by Pay Pal account will be sent as soon as Cartageo has proof of payment.

When an order is delivered, the customer is advised to verify that the envelope or the packaging is not in any way damaged before signing the delivery receipt, and to inform Cartageo immediately if the goods are evidently damaged.


The Right to Withdraw

In accordance with the legislative decree 185 of 22nd May 1999 concerning “consumer protection in long-distance contracts”, Cartageo guarantees dissatisfied customers the right to rescind the on-line purchase contract within ten working days from receiving the goods.

The right to withdraw from the contract must be exercised by sending a registered letter, with acknowledgement of receipt, to  Cartageo, Via G. di Vittorio 71, 50068 Rufina (FI), Italy.

The customer who has exercised his right to withdraw must return the goods to Cartageo within 30 days of the date he received them. The customer must pay all expenses incurred in returning the goods.

Returned goods can not be accepted if they are incomplete, damaged or soiled.

Once Cartageo has received the returned goods, the company will reimburse the monies the customer paid for the goods supplied.

In accordance with the legislative decree 185 of 22nd May 1999, the right to withdraw can not be exercised in the case of sealed software products which the customer has opened.


Goods Found to be Damaged on Delivery

When the customer reports that the goods are found to be damaged on delivery, Cartageo will replace them if they show evident damage.

The customer’s request that the goods should be replaced must reach Cartageo within 15 days of the delivery date. After this, the request will no longer be accepted.

The cost of returning and replacing the goods will be borne by Cartageo.

To obtain the replacement of faulty goods the customer must:

1)     contact Cartageo at once by e-mail ( and/or by letter;

2)     put the goods back into their original packaging (without writing anything on the package) and return them to Cartageo, making sure that all parts of the parcel are sent back (cables, instructions, software, accessories);

3)     attach to the consignment a copy of the transport document or of the invoice, together with an exhaustive description of the fault found.

If the above instructions are disregarded or the returned goods are damaged, soiled or have been tampered with, Cartageo reserves the right not to reimburse the monies paid by the customer and not to replace the goods under discussion.


Conditions of Guarantee

Some of the articles on sale on the web site are covered by a 1- or 2-year guarantee supplied by the manufacturer. The document supplied by Cartageo which accompanies the goods constitutes the product’s guarantee.

Cartageo’s responsibility for malfunctioning or faults in the goods can never take the place of the manufacturer’s direct responsibility.

For the repair or the replacement of goods under guarantee, the customer can apply directly to the manufacturer or to Cartageo who will then handle the customer’s case and will deal with the manufacturer on the customer’s behalf.

To avoid unfortunate incidents, the customer should remember that, in general, conditions of guarantee are not applicable in the following cases:

-         the replacement of consumable material (batteries, fuses);

-         damage caused to the article by inappropriate use  or by use not in keeping with the manufacturer’s instructions;

-         damage to the product due to external causes (fulmination, meteorological events, accidental knocks or falls);

-         damage caused to the product by unqualified or unauthorised persons.



The website and all the photographs, drawings and text therein are protected by the international copyright laws in force. Any reproduction of part or all the website is strictly prohibited.

Many articles on sale on the website, such as software and maps, have specific conditions of use which, in general, limit the right to reproduce them, to use them in public  and to hire them. customers must respect these conditions, and Cartageo disclaims all liability ensuing from use other than as stated in the specific conditions for individual products.



All goods offered on the website conform to current Italian legislation.

Cartageo disclaims all liability when goods purchased on the website do not conform to the legislation in force in the goods’ final destination country. It is up to the customer to ascertain in advance whether it is possible to import and use in his own country the goods he intends to order.


Place of Jurisdiction

All customers who purchase goods on the website accept that for any legal controversy the law court in Florence is the place of jurisdiction.