Urban Astronomy - Denis Berthier

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Anno pubblicazione: 2004

Editore/Produttore: Cambridge University

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Urban Astronomy
Denis Berthier - Translated by: Klaus Brasch
108 pages, 2 bw illus., 97 colour illus., 11 tables

Light pollution has spread so much in the last few decades that it often compromises our view of the stars. It is becoming more and more difficult to find an observing site with clear, dark skies away from light and industrial pollution. However, with patience, some simple equipment, and by choosing the right targets to observe, amateur astronomers can still find observing from towns and cities a rewarding hobby. The result of thirty years of observing the night sky from within a city, Denis Berthier's practical guide will help amateur astronomers to enjoy their hobby without having to travel to distant sites, and without using complicated equipment or difficult techniques, enabling them to observe and photograph stars and planets as well as many other celestial objects.

Excerpt of Urban Astronomy