The Times - Atlante del mondo (dodicesima edizione)

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Presented in an elegant, gold cover and slipcase and printed for the first time on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper.

For this new edition, all the maps and detailed thematic information are completely updated with the latest geographical and geo-political changes - these include an estimated 20,000 updates with 3,500 changes to place names alone. There are full updates to the world's states and territories as well as to the geographical information on the world's physical features - now illustrated with the latest satellite imagery.

The Atlas also begins with contributions from experts in many geographical fields, providing detailed information on the key issues facing the world today - climate change, environmental threats, global communications, biodiversity and energy resources - with supporting maps, images, photographs and graphics to illustrate the physical world today and man's interaction with it.

Finally, the unique scope and breadth of the index - containing entries to over 200,000 places and geographical features - also includes a comprehensive set of alternative spellings for place names and former names, allowing users to easily find what they are looking for.

Four years in the making, The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World is painstakingly researched by a dedicated team of over 50 cartographers from Collins Bartholomew - with changes to the database made every 3 and a half minutes using a 24-hour-a-day news feed. The Atlas is relied on and trusted by governments around the world, international organizations including the UN and European Commission and media companies and both the Collins and The Times atlas ranges have won 10 major cartographic awards over the last 5 years.

(Source The Times - Harper Collins Publishers)



544 pages