Scratch Map Deluxe - Il Mondo

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Luckies of LOndon Ltd (London - UK)

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The Luckies story so far, in case you're interested...
Hi – I'm Luckie Jim.
I always wanted to have a business; it's all I can remember wanting to do (apart from drive) since I was a kid. I love the idea of creating something from scratch, something unique and something that wouldn't be there if it wasn't for team Luckies.

Inspired by the stuff I was into as a teenager, I went through dozens of business ideas, from hot potato seller (!) to music store/smoothie bar owner (before music retail was dead and smoothie bars were on every corner), but I needed real experience of being at the heart of small enterprise if I was going to be any good at running my own version.

After wasting a few years at college I spent 8 years cutting my teeth at two of the best cool gift suppliers in the business, until I thought I had enough knowledge to have a go myself.

In May 2005, aged 29, I took the leap I'd been waiting to take and Luckies was born at a trade show in London. I was wrong about having enough knowledge. Every single day is still a steep learning curve. That's what keeps it interesting (and scary).

We started by finding cool stuff that already existed but wasn't available in the UK and supplying British retailers. However, the plan was always to create a range of super-fun, super-useful Luckies branded products and sell them alongside the other cool things we'd found to the best retailers and nicest people across the globe. So we did!

Based in a big studio in Notting Hill, West London with warehousing nearby, the Luckies team is young, enthusiastic, creative and fun. We're all committed to bringing you innovative, quality gift products and supplying them with a smile, hopefully creating a great name for ourselves in the process.

The future is fun and exciting and well designed. Join in.

Jim x

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Gratta e .... scopri il Mondo.
La Scratch Map è una bella e popolare mappa del mondo che consente di registrare i tuoi viaggi grattando la pellicola sopra il luogo che hai visitato, portando allo scoperto una carta colorata e brillante. Interattiva e personalizzata al 100%, per fissare un ricordo o tracciare i tuoi viaggi.
Le caratteristiche delle Scratch Map sono presentate in questo video pubblicato su You Tube.

Itching to go travelling in luxury and style? Scratch it! Introducing the wonderful Scratch Map Deluxe Edition! It’s name speaks for itself really! It has all the brilliant features of the original Scratch Map but is larger, with added islands, more intricate detail and more style! It’s black background with copper foil covering looks sophisticated and professional on any wall and the bright colours of the map underneath look smashing against it’s stylish backdrop.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of the scratch map, here’s some information you should know: The Scratch Map is a beautiful and popular map of the world that allows you to log your travels by scratching off the top foil of the place you’ve visited, revealing a colourful map underneath and giving you a brilliantly factual, interactive and 100% personalised map of the world as a keepsake and reminder of your travels.

Material: Laminate, card, coloured foil
Larger, more detailed map
Additional islands and cities
Fascinating infographics along the bottom of the map to reveal a wealth of facts and information about the land and oceans presented in an engaging and colourful manner
Comes packaged in a sturdy card tube