Lourdes - pianta città turistica e stradale

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Kümmerly+Frey  (Svizzera)

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The Hallwag Kümmerly+Frey tourist map programme.


We produce the following types of maps: Road maps, regional maps, city maps, travel guides and road atlases, continental and world maps, panoramic maps, hiking guides, excursion and bicycle maps. A wide-ranging series of tourist maps with up-to-date, detailed information to help you plan your journey, and make travelling easier.


Hallwag Kümmerly+Frey is the leading publishing house in Switzerland for tourism. Our international distribution network has ensured a worldwide presence and made our familiar red/yellow and blue maps famous everywhere. Swiss cartographic standards guarantee you a high level of accurate information.


To round off its tourist package, Hallwag Kümmerly+Frey AG is also the exclusive Swiss supplier of many famous travel guide series including Baedeker, Marco Polo, Dumont, Vis-à-Vis, Falk Spirallo, LONELY PLANET, promobil, Caravaning, HB atlases, National Geographic Germany and Frederking & Thaler.


Hallwag Kümmerly+Frey AG also has two special series, which are a perfect addition to your leisure time information:

- The hiking maps and guides from the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)

- The excursion maps and leisure guides from the Kompass publishing house.


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Lingua: Francese

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