Transylvania - carta geografica turistica e stradale

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Editore/Produttore: Cartographia

Cartographia Ltd  (Ungheria)

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Cartographia Ltd. has been the leading map-making company in Hungary for 50 years.

Its maps and atlases are well known all around the world.

The main product lines for a worldwide export activity are European Road Map, International City Map and World Travel Map series. Each map contains lot's of information, precise quality mapping, index and legend in at least English, German and French.

Cartographia maps are available in most countries of Europe and also in other continents like America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Cartographia has a wide range of contacts with many well known map and guide publishers, such as Michelin, Demart, Freytag & Berndt, ADAC, Hallwag-Kümmerly+Frey, Lonely-Planet, Mair etc.

Beside the export of its own publications Cartographia is ready to make digital maps accoring to specifications.

Cartographia produces a big variety of maps and guides for the domestic market as well: maps and atlases of Budapest and Hungary, a wide range of Tourist Maps and atlases, maps of Hungarian Cities and also a huge selection of Travel Guides.

Through a well organised Wholesale Distbribution System and its retail stores Cartographia sells not only its own products on the domestic market but offers a nice portfolio of import maps as well.

The production and distribution of different school atlases and wall maps for primary, secondary schools and higher education in geography, history, literature and ecology - is a distinctive part of its trade.

Beside the computerised map-edition the DTP Studio makes full service of typographical preparation.

Concerning quality Cartographia can boast since 1999 with ISO 9001 recognition.


Categoria: Carta turistica e stradale

Scala: 1 : 500.000

Lingua: Inglese / Tedesco / Francese / altre

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