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Anno pubblicazione: 2001

Editore/Produttore: Rand McNally

Rand McNally Company

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Rand McNally & Company offers the most trusted tools to discover, map and navigate your world.

From America's number-one-selling Road Atlas, The Thomas Guide®, and Goode's World Atlas to StreetFinder® Wireless™ and IntelliRoute™ trucking database, Rand McNally is an industry leader in the mapping, routing, geographic reference, and trip-planning tool marketplace. We're in more than 60,000 retail outlets and distribute to 98% of schools across the U.S.

Founded in 1856 and headquartered in Skokie, IL, just outside of Chicago, the company's majority owner is Leonard Green & Partners, LLC. They have investments in Petco, Rite Aid, Sports Authority, FTD, and more. Chief Executive Officer Robert Apatoff, a Chicago native, leads the Rand McNally team.

Rand McNally - the most trusted name on the map.


Categoria: Atlante turistico stradale

Lingua: Inglese

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