La rotazione Terrestre (cartolina con immagine in 3D)

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mbm systems (Santa Barbara - California USA)

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…the specialist in 3D. Since 2005 the Dresden-based company has been making, for example, postcards, greeting cards, folded cards, maps, bookmarks, mouse pads, magnets, desk pads, posters, calendars and ring binder labels – real 3D, of course. The use of lenticular sheets opens up new great possibilities unrealizable on standard paper. Tapping its full potential and employing all imaginable effects in a useful, exciting and funny manner is the core competence of mbmSystems GmbH.

Right from the start we have created a wide range of products that is constantly broadened. While we initially focussed on our high-quality real 3D maps, a manufacturing method with several patents we are especially proud of, our fine animal postcards, the educational images of planets or the funny sayings postcards attract customers from other areas, too. You can be sure – there is something for every taste.

Our premium range 'authentic' is available, for example, at 'Weltbild' and „Hugendubel“. In addition our onlineshop gives you an up to date overview on the diverse range of products and novelties.



The first lenticular products became known in the late 1960ies as flip images and then fell into oblivion for a long time. mbmSystems is one of the pioneers when it comes to the rediscovery and developments that have become possible by advanced computer engineering taking numerous new effects to a new level in image quality.

Our products captivate not only by the unique ‘made in Germany quality but also the fascinating effects and images. From the simple flip effect, animation through to the elaborate real 3D effects there are (almost) no limits to realization. Additional highlights can be achieved by a combination of individual effects.

As manufacturer of top-quality lenticular products it is our goal to set new trends in all areas of printing. We have therefore diversified our product range: postcards, greeting cards, folded cards, maps, bookmarks, mouse pads, magnets, desk pads, posters, calendars and ring binder labels are currently available. But this is still not enough. We will continue adding innovative products to our range. Visit our onlineshop um and feel the fascination.

From conceptual design, product development through to market launch – everything is made in-house. This is how we can meet highest quality standards from the start and provide you with the world’s best 3D products. Nothing less than that is our aspiration. There is good reason why we are known for our high quality standards and outstanding service both on the domestic market and elsewhere. In a nutshell - quality made in Germany.



The customer base of mbmSystems abroad has grown constantly. Whether in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and America, customers are equally fascinated by our products. The probably most far away sales display from our Dresden headquarters is located in Hobart, Tasmania, and the nearest in the city centre of Dresden. Even more comfortable is our webshop available both to dealers and private customers. It always provides an up to date overview of the latest products.

The product quality is particularly essential for the satisfaction of our customers. Beyond that it is the comprehensive servicing of the sales stands, the global full service by our field staff and the large range of other services that make our customers opt for mbmSystems sales displays.

Lingua: Inglese

Dimensioni: 14,8 x 10,5 cm

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Le originali "cards" by mbm systems.
Le immagini sono costituite da più fotogrammi, relativi allo stesso soggetto, acquisiti in tempi diversi. Mediante un complesso processo di allineamento questi fotogrammi sono montati l'uno sull'altro. Variando l'angolo di osservazione della cartolina un solo fotogramma alla volta risulta visibile. L'effetto complessivo percipito muovendo con continuità la cartolina è quello di un soggetto in movimento
Le cartoline sono idonee anche per la spedizione postale.
I soggetti relativi allo spazio sono di fonte NASA.


Con la rappresentazione in rapida sequenza dei fotogrammi che costituiscono l'immagine si intende riprodurre l'animazione che si osserva variando con continuità l'angolo di osservazine della cartolina.