Hands-On Astronomy - Hervé Burillier, Christophe Lehenaff

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Anno pubblicazione: 2002

Editore/Produttore: Cambridge University

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Hands-On Astronomy A Cambridge Guide to Equipment and Accessories
Hervé Burillier - Christophe Lehenaff - Translated by: Klaus Brasch -With contributions by: Michael Covington, University of Georgia
128 pages, 103 colour illus.

There is a vast range of astronomical equipment currently available to the amateur astronomer. This handbook presents the variety of telescopes, binoculars and accessories on the market, to help the amateur make an informed choice when buying equipment. All selection criteria are taken into account, including level of experience, budget, and observation site. Indispensable to those with a passion for practical astronomy, this handbook will help the complete beginner making his first purchase, and provide advice for the more experienced amateur wishing to upgrade his equipment.

Practical, pocket-size guide to choosing the right astronomical equipment
Indispensable for both the complete beginner and the more experienced amateur
Illustrated in full colour throughout

Table of contents:
Foreword: a brief history of astronomical instruments
Part I. Basic Notions: 1. Characteristics of binoculars // 2. Characteristics of refractors // 3. Characteristics of Newtonian reflectors // 4. Characteristics of the Schmidt, Cassegrain and Maksutov systems // 5. The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope // 6. Optical characteristics of various instruments // 7. Telescope mounts
Part II. Main Instruments: 8. Binoculars // 9. Refractors for the beginner // 10. Small reflecting telescopes // 11. Mid-sized refractors // 12. Telescopes to grow with // 13. The 8 inch telescope // 14. Large aperture telescopes // 15. Apochromatic refractors // 16. Compact instruments
Part III. Telescope Accessories: 17. Eyepieces // 18. Diverse accessories // 19. Filters // 20. Motors and controls // 21. Accessories for astrophotography // 22. CCD cameras // 23. Publications and star charts
Appendix // Bibliography.